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Today known as Roadstone tyres and manufactured by Nexen (Korea), this tyre brand was launched as a strong upcoming budget brand for the European market. In the meantime the brand has also developed strongly as a leading Asian producer and has secured several original equipment contracts around the world.

More than 15 years present, the brand has today a strong position in the market. Based on a long-term partnership between manufacturer and distributor Roadstone tyres are well known for its good development and high-end quality tyres.

Roadstone tyres is sold by selected dealers and has a strong presence in the market. The brand represents an excellent price / quality ratio, including a large range of both summer and winter tyres.

Roadstone facts

  • Very wide size range
  • Strong history
  • Good handling in dry and wet conditions
  • Easy to balance
  Summer tyres Winter tyres
Passenger 158 sizes 13-22 inch 58 sizes 13-18 inch
SUV 90 sizes 15-24 inch 13 sizes 15-18 inch
Light Truck 21 sizes 13-15 inch 17 sizes 13-16 inch

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